Enniskillen Farms is Indiana's only Vegan-Organic farming operation. What this means is that our quality herbs, vegetables, and fruits are produced without the use of any chemicals, animal labor or animal by-products. The work is done by individuals who are conscious of the environment and respectful of all creatures, great and small. From 1995 to 1999, we were wholeselling our precious food products through local health food stores and supermarkets. Starting in 2000 we started distributing all of our produce and herbs through the Zionsville Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. For this coming growing season of 2001, I plan on using this website to inform my many loyal customers of the times and places we will be set up at various Farmers Markets and what we will have available on those days. I also hope to use this website to allow customers the opportunity to reserve various produce and herbs. Our operation is small, only 22 acres, but our quality and commitment to producing ethical food is sincere and first rate. As the winter winds allow our fields to rest before the miracle of spring, I hope to put everything into place to make it possible to provide our cruelity-free herbs, fruits, and vegetables to individual consumers. Finally, as the final seconds of the year 2000 click away, it is our fondest heart felt wish that your lives may be filled with love, peace, and joy!

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Thanks for visiting our website! You can contact us at herbfarm@geetel.net or write to us at 3869N County Road 1100E; Forest,IN 46039-9699.

Last updated 30th December 2000